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Understand and Elicit Requirements with Business Analysis

Learn about requirement types, levels, terminology, and how to elicit them using popular elicitation techniques

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Created by The BA Guide | Jeremy Aschenbrenner, offered on Udemy

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And that is because requirements are at the core of every change, every project. They explain exactly what needs to be created, updated, and accounted for in the solution. Achieving the requirements is ultimately what brings value to the stakeholders and the organization.

But in order to achieve the requirements, you must first know how to elicit them.

We'll start things off by teaching you all about requirements - their levels, their types, and the often confusing terminology utilized to explain them. We'll move into teaching you how to extract and elicit those details using popular elicitation techniques. These techniques can then be utilized to dig deep into the wants and needs of your users, which helps to ensure a successful end solution.

Regardless of whether your project is large or small, in finance or in manufacturing, creating new systems or providing support to a workforce,...Requirements are always at the center, and that is precisely what you are taught in this course.

Your course enrollment includes:

  • 5 hours of high-quality video lectures that break down all the concepts covered into an easy to understand, step-by-step format.

  • A 30-page Student Workbook that will enhance your learning and give you a reference resource after you’ve completed the course.

  • 9 Business Analysis Templates so you have all the tools you need to immediately apply your new skills on the job.

  • 19 Practice Activities and Quizzes to help you retain your learning and give you an opportunity to put your new knowledge to the test.

In addition to all the tools you’ll need to start successfully eliciting requirements, you’ll also get a foot into the industry by way of an industry expert

I’m not just the instructor who wrote this course, I will also act as both a resource and a mentor to guide you to a long and rewarding career in Business Analysis!

Looking to get ECBA certified? - This course also qualifies for 5 hours of Professional Development

Let’s hear what students are saying about our Business Analysis Process Series:

 "These courses are so dependably excellent. Jeremy is deeply knowledgeable & experienced as a BA, and his presentation skills are superb. He also provides templates that alone are worth the price of the course. I can't recommend this series enough." - Liz Z.

"The course is awesome! The content is a treasure. I definitely recommend this course and previous ones if you want to become a true professional in Business Analysis field." - Aykhan Z.

"Great quality work. I like how Jeremy breaks everything down, so it's understandable even if you don't have any background in business analysis. Awesome courses!!!" - Oleg L.

"I am impressed about the worksheets. Printing them out and writing notes on them has made the course very interesting to me." - Adewole A.

This course is the fourth course of the Business Analysis Process Series:

  1. Identify and Define the Problem

  2. Conduct a Strategy Analysis

  3. Plan the Project

  4. => Understand and Elicit Requirements <=

  5. Analyze, Model, and Organize Requirements

  6. Manage, Prioritize, and Validate Requirements

  7. Transition to the Solution

  8. Complete a Solution Evaluation

Whilst taking the previous courses is not required, I do recommend it as it will help your understanding of the material covered as we will be building on skills and techniques taught in the previous course lectures. In any case, this course will provide you a tremendous amount of value.

Whether you are an aspiring or a seasoned Business Analyst, this course is a must.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a much deeper understanding and appreciation for requirements along with the skills necessary to successfully elicit those requirements from various types of stakeholders.

So, if you’re ready to take your requirements knowledge and skills to the next level, this is the course for you - enroll today.

What you will learn

  • Gain the understanding of what requirements are, including the often confusing terminology
  • Understand how to categorize requirements into different levels and types
  • Learn about the Requirement Elicitation Process - Plan, Prepare, Conduct, and Confirm
  • Gain the ability to elicit requirements with popular elicitation techniques such as interviews, requirement workshops, brainstorming sessions, surveys, and more


  • No Business Analysis experience necessary, but it is recommended (not required) that you have taken the first three courses in the Business Analysis Process Series, "Identify and Define the Problem", "Conduct a Strategy Analysis", and "Plan the Project"
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