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Tableau fundamentals for beginners - A Tableau crash course

How to learn Tableau for beginners in less than 3 hours. Tableau online training class

4.5 / 5.0
363 students2 hours 44 minutes

Created by Dan We, offered on Udemy

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You have never used Tableau for Data Analytics / Visual Analytics and Business Intelligence before?

  • Business Intelligence / Business Analytics is in high demand.

  • Companies are constantly searching for ways to make better and faster decisions.  

  • Therefore they rely heavily on data. 

  • Data driven decision making is the key to success for any business in the world of tomorrow.

So back to my question at the beginning. You have never used Tableau for Data Analytics / Visual Analytics and Business Intelligence before?

No problem! Let's bring you up to speed in this Tableau training class in less than 3 hours. Welcome to Tableau online training This crashcourse was created to give you a quick and easy way to learn the fundamentals of one of the best self service BI tools today and in the future. (also for setting the foundations for your successful Tableau certification exam preparation)

What is required? Only one thing. You interest and your willingness to learn and grow. The course was designed for students who have never worked with the tool before. We will use Tableau Public which you can download for free so there are no additional costs.

Data is the new Oil and the main competive edge of successful companies. So companies will demand from their employees to work more and more  with self service business intelligence tools. This is not only true across departments but also across industries.

You will not only prepare yourself for your future job responsibilities of your current job but already prepare yourself for new opportunities ahead.

"From my personal experience I can tell you that companies will actively searching for you if you master Tableau. Diving into data & analytics can not only immensly improve your career opportunities but also your job satisfaction!"

Tableau is also a great tool for datascience. A lot of data scientists like to use it for visualizing and presenting the findings. Therefore Tableau can often be a valuable skill for datascience jobs.

What we learn in this course might also help you later with your Tableau certification exam.

So what are you waiting for?

Together we have got a lot to do the next 3 hours. So let's dive into it!

What you will learn

  • You know the fundamentals of Tableau
  • You know whether Tableau is a tool for you
  • You can work with Tableau
  • You set the foundation for your data & analytics career
  • You might open up new career opportunities for you which are not only highly rewarding but also offer more job satisfaction
  • You can generate valuable insights for yourself and your company


  • No additional costs for the software - I use Tableau Public which you can download for free
  • You need to be curious and willing to explore a new world
  • Beside this - nothing else is required. This is a crashcourse for total beginners who have never worked with this tool before
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  • Price: $94.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 2 hours 44 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.2/10

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