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Business Analysis: Function Modelling Using IDEF0

A practical approach to IDEF0 international standard in business analysis, data analysis, systems engineering and more

4.46 / 5.0
2089 students1 hours 46 minutes

Created by Tish Chungoora, offered on Udemy

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IDEF0 graphical language is an International Standard (ISO/IEC/IEEE 31320-1:2012) for information modelling. IDEF0 is a powerful, yet simple, structured modelling method that allows you to visually represent the different levels of granularity of functions (also activities and processes), their inputs, outputs, mechanisms and controls. Therefore, IDEF0 will equip you with a very useful addition to your toolkit of techniques for information modelling and representation.

In this course you will learn IDEF0 from a practical perspective. The course covers all the necessary explanations around the fundamental and most commonly used building blocks of the graphical language, describing their meaning and how they are used. This leads to a number of examples and case studies that are discussed, analysed and solved so as to provide you with the best applied knowledge of IDEF0. You are also shown some key ways for practically presenting your models. A wealth of downloadable resources is provided, ranging from Microsoft Visio templates to fully-worked solutions, images, slides and more.

This course is chiefly targeted at business analysts, information modellers, data analysts, systems engineers, design engineers, etc., of all levels and who do not have prior exposure to IDEF0. Additionally, you are very welcome to take the course if you have an interest in the area of information representation through visual methods.

What you will learn

  • Apply IDEF0 graphical language to model flows of inputs, outputs, mechanisms and controls to any activity, process or function and to any level of detail
  • Utilise Microsoft Visio or other similar diagramming tool to model IDEF0 diagrams
  • Present IDEF0 models for maximum visual impact on stakeholders and peers
  • Visually model functional and non-functional requirements as well as user stories
  • Acknowledge the benefits of IDEF0 modelling and the related best practices


  • Have an appreciation of the purpose and scope of business analysis, information modelling or systems engineering
  • Some basic level of understanding of jargon used in the information systems domain and engineering
  • Ideally to have used at least one kind of graphical modelling tool in the past, e.g. flowcharts, etc.
  • Ideally to have Microsoft Visio application installed, although you should be able to use any software tool that allows you to work with boxes, angled connectors and text. You may also use pen and paper
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  • 1 hours 46 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.8/10

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