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Google Analytics From Beginners to Pro Level

Grow your Business and Career With the Best-Ever Google Analytics tool Course-2021 Guide with Hands-on Exercise Included

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Created by Sabraiz Khan, offered on Udemy

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Enroll today to grow your business and career with Google Analytics!

Go from Beginner to Pro Level

By the end of this Google Analytics course, you will be using Google analytics as a powerful tool to monitor your business's health and identify growth opportunities.

You'll go from beginner to advanced, and your instructor will take you through each step on screen:

  • Create a Google Analytics Account

  • Install Tracking Code

  • Load Demo Data from a Real Online Store

  • Add Filters to Remove Internal Traffic

  • Analyze Real-Time Reports

  • Analyze Audience Reports

  • Analyze Acquisition Reports

  • Analyze Behaviour Reports

  • Deep Dive Into Data with Dimensions & Segments

  • Track Marketing Campaigns with Campaign Tagging

  • Add Colleagues to Google Analytics

  • Configure Goal Tracking

  • Remove Spam Traffic

  • link with Google Adsense

This Course Also Comes With...

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Enroll today to grow your business and career with Google Analytics!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for anyone who wants to make data-driven decisions to grow their business but is struggling to do so because they feel overwhelmed by the technicalities and data.

  • Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking get hired into an analytics role will benefit hugely from the step by step process outlined in this course

  • Not intended for advanced Google Analytics users as much of the content may be the revision.

What you will learn

  • setup Google demo merchant account and Google Analytics tool on their website or App
  • Track Marketing Campaigns from any platform like social media , google ads or YouTube and improve accordingly
  • SEO and Content improvements through visitors Behaviour
  • Google Ad link to your Google Analytics Account
  • Create Different types of Detailed Reports
  • Track Goals and Conversion
  • Create Segments and Dimensions
  • Create a backup of Data


  • no experiences required ,suitable for all types of beginners to p
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  • 1 hours
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