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Microsoft Excel Masterclass - Beginner to Advanced Level

Learn Microsoft Excel from Novice to Expert & learn the art of creating quick Reports from a Microsoft Certified Trainer

4.65 / 5.0
895 students3 hours 48 minutes

Created by Asif Hafeez, offered on Udemy

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A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning

~Bred Henery~

MS Excel is the first choice for any report. Data analysis is an exciting field to get into and the career prospects are amazing. You don’t need to be a math/computer science/coding whiz to land a job in data analysis.

Data Analysis in demand and we normally use Excel to create beautiful Charts and Graphs to show the results. MS Excel is the ultimate choice and widely used to prepare quick Reports and Dashboards and easy to understand that is the reason it has become the first choice of a Data Analysis.

In this Course I will teach you to create some beautiful Excel based Reports by simple techniques in quick time.


  • Simple methods to Excel Reports

  • Using key Shortcuts

  • Formulas and Functions

  • Protect your Reports

  • Subtotals, Sorting, Filter

  • Advanced Filter, Linking of Data and quick Formatting

  • Advanced Skills to create quick Reports

  • Consolidation of Data, Combining and Merging Techniques

  • Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts

  • Vlookup, Xlookup, Advanced Features

  • Macros and VBA

  • Excel Tricks and Techniques

  • Data Validation

  • Quick way to create Reports and Charts


  • Basic Computer knowledge

  • Basic level Excel skills

  • MS office installed (better office 365 or office 2016 and above) on Windows based (but not Mac)


  • Finance Manager

  • Students

  • Sales Manager

  • Training Manager

  • Executives

  • HR Managers

  • Analyst

  • Admin

  • Data Analyst

  • Teacher

  • Researcher

  • Excel Lover

  • CFO

Happy Learning !

Thanks & Regards

Asif Hafeez

What you will learn

  • MS Excel skills from beginner to Advanced
  • Confident using Excel for Business Reports
  • Excel Formulas, Functions & keyboard shortcuts
  • Pivot Table and Pivot Charts & Automate reports
  • Creating Excel based dynamic Reports
  • Excel Charts and Graphs and custom based Visualizations
  • Comfort using Complex Formulas and apply formatting
  • Be able to create summary reports quickly
  • Macros and VBA to avoid donkey work


  • Basic Computer knowledge
  • Basic level Excel skills
  • MS office installed (better office 365 or office 2016 and above) on Windows based (bu not Mac)
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  • Price: $49.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 3 hours 48 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.6/10

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