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Tableau Fundamentals - Data Analytics Made Simple

Data analytics made fast and simple with Tableau. A must-have skill in 2022 for any industry. Progress your career.

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270 students5 hours 57 minutes

Created by Dean Taylor, offered on Udemy

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Hello and welcome to Tableau Fundamentals!

Whether you are a complete beginner who wants to be Tableau ready in no time, or have been a Tableau user for a while but want to refine your understanding on key Tableau features, this course is definitely for you.

There are lots of courses to choose from, and finding the right one can sometimes be difficult. So why choose this course? Here are few reasons:

  • Creating data visualisations is my full-time job. With over 10 years of experience, I have learnt what works and what does not work in an organisation. I have consolidated this experience and focussed on creating video content that explains fundamental features that will add huge value to you personally as well as your firm

  • The course is constantly updated with new material to ensure you are supplemented with the most recent developments

  • This course is delivered with precision in mind. Videos are targeted at showcasing specific elements that can be tackled in isolation or as part of a well thought through journey

  • You are presented with high quality video material, tested with quizzes in every section, provided with tips and tricks to improve your Tableau experience and introduced to articles that will help grow your knowledge to the next level

The skills you will learn in this course will allow you to:

  • Significantly reduce operational costs through automated dashboards

  • Generate insights into your data that lead to improved decision making at all levels of management

  • Impress your colleagues and peers with data visualisation capabilities that are second to none

  • Become more efficient with your time by conducting data analysis in Tableau on the fly

It's now 2022. Tableau is a software that you must have on your CV to stand out as a data analyst or you'll be left behind as the industry moves forward. Data visualisation is a vital part in any quest for improved decision making and I am here to help you understand it all.

This is a course designed for the complete beginner, but you are exposed to some of the most sophisticated and advanced features Tableau has to offer, presented in an easy to understand fashion. I use these features almost daily.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I am here to make learning Tableau a fun and enjoyable process and you'll soon ask yourself why you didn't do it sooner. I love my job and I love seeing others excel when they get to put their Tableau knowledge into practice. Sign up today and see how rewarding data visualisation can be!

See you in the course...

What you will learn

  • Master the art of Data Visualisation in Tableau
  • Learn how to create Interactive Dashboards
  • Significantly improve your analytical capabilities
  • Learn how to create Calculated Fields
  • Learn how to create and edit Groups & Hierarchies
  • Learn how to create Static & Dynamic Sets
  • Learn how to create interactivity using Actions & Tooltips
  • Learn how to add visualisations to Tooltips
  • Learn how to apply Level of Detail Calculations
  • Learn how to Join multiple datasets together
  • Learn how to Union datasets together
  • Learn how to Blend datasets together
  • Learn how to create your own Table calculations
  • Learn various ways to apply filters to your dashboards
  • Learn how to control filters with parameters
  • Learn the different ways to sort data
  • Learn the different ways to export data from Tableau
  • Learn effective data preparation techniques
  • Learn about the Data Types in Tableau
  • Learn how to create Sets with Parameter controls
  • Learn how to pivot in Tableau


  • An appetite to master data visualisation
  • No other pre requisites or course requirements
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  • 5 hours 57 minutes
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