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Create a Memorable Brand Name for your Business or Product

A great name will engage an audience and set an expectation, so it’s important that it’s done responsibly and carefully

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Created by Ilya Lobanov, offered on Udemy

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In this class I’m thrilled to share my very own naming process you can use to name your brand, product or service.

Having developed this approach after years of working at digital and branding agencies, I have used it to name dozens of apps, digital products as well as startup businesses, products and more.

Naming a business or a product is a crucial branding activity.

Don't just rely on your gut feeling when naming or go with a name that 'feels right'. Unless you have buckets of cash like Apple, it will be a long road trying to educate your potential customers about what your brand does.

I will show you how and why a name that has a concept, an idea or a story embedded within it makes for a much stronger brand.

To name something effectively it takes the understanding of the brand positioning, competition, customers and much more.

A name can either become a great asset or it can be a disaster, so you need a carefully structured and systemised process to follow.

Who is the class for:

  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

  • Copywriters & Brand Designers

  • Content Writers & Marketers

  • Brand Strategists

  • Anyone looking to crate a name for a business, product or service

What you will learn:

  • Preparing for the naming process

  • Learning naming techniques can be used to stimulate your ideas

  • Using my simple but powerful step-by-step process to generate name ideas

  • Using brand personality to inform your name ideas

  • Organising, filtering and rating name ideas to ensure they are relevant and timeless

  • Validating name idea options and getting ready for name registration

  • Tips for teams to brainstorm and generate ideas

What you will learn

  • Learn naming techniques that can be used to stimulate idea generation
  • Use brand personality to inform your name ideas
  • Validate name idea options and get ready for name registration
  • BONUS: Tips for teams to brainstorm and generate ideas


  • There are no requirements, but it will be good if you have some understanding of branding
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  • 35 minutes
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