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Brand building for startups: how to win consumer mind?

Practical Example-Driven Approach for Brand Development, Brand Building, and Brand Management

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2630 students2 hours 41 minutes

Created by Ryan Holmes, offered on Udemy

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This brand management course can help your business build a strong brand with a clear unique value proposition in a practical way that will:

>>> win consumers' heart by defining key drivers

>>> win in competition by being outstanding and differentiated

>>> make sure your brand is highly recognized and remembered.

FOCUS! FOCUS! This course mainly focuses on building brand equity and perception in consumers' minds and all related to Brand health.

The course is divided into 4 sections.

Section 1 will introduce the importance of brand, brand building, and the unique value proposition of the course.

Section 2 is to define where to play in terms of study. It means what concepts you MUST know and understand clearly to build strong brand equity.

Section 3 will show you how to win consumer mind practically. It means how you apply part 2 in the real business rather than just learning theory.

Section 4 will show you how to prepare for the launch of the brand practically with a low budget.

Who this course is for:

  • Start-up owners who want to find out their way to differentiate their business in the first stage

  • Entrepreneurs getting started with their project and want to know how to manage brand development, brand building, and brand management tasks

  • Small & Medium enterprises willing to create their brand

  • Brand Managers & Marketing Managers who are challenged to demonstrate the brand asset in business value.

  • Students

Reasons to Believe:

  • Ryan Holmes had 10-year experience in brand strategy, brand development and brand building with leading brands including OMO Detergent (revenue: 250 million EUR in 2013), 0 Degree Green Tea (revenue: 200 million USD in 2015), Number 1 Energy Drink (100 million USD in 2012).

  • He successfully led over 20 new product launches for corporates and 5 new business launches for his own startups.

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What you will learn

  • What is a Brand? Brand Management? Brand Building? and Brand Development?
  • Why we need to build brands? We are living in a Brand World!
  • Learn how analyze and define market opportunities
  • Learn how to be differentiated and charge more for it
  • Learn how to build brand equity
  • Learn how to develop a brand identity brief, logo brief, etc
  • How to find professional graphic designer without breaking a bank
  • Define unique value proposition to win
  • How to set KPIs to evaluate the completion from the agency or freelancers?
  • Create brand personality to build relationship with your customers


  • Open mind
  • Willingnes to take action
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  • Language: English
  • 2 hours 41 minutes
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