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Radiofrequency Facelifts

Skin tightening using radiofrequency (RF)

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342 students 52 minutes

Created by Dr Nicholas James Gill Pearce, offered on Udemy

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This course is adapted from a real accredited course materials which are designed to support individuals who are either already professionals practicing and wish to undertake continual professional development. Individual students who are already undertaking a professional RF facelift course to support they're learning, or those who have a genuine interest in this field and wish to obtain a working knowledge at a professional level.

This course discusses and revises essential professional subjects such as health safety, hygiene, consultation, contra-indications, features, benefits of RF, aftercare and how it can be integrated with other treatments to give your clients optimal effects and lasting results safely and competently.

Spread across 6 lessons with accompanying videos, additional resources, checklists, etc.

Lecture 1, Professional studies (Core subject revision, consultation, contra-indications, contra-actions, health, safety, hygiene).

Lecture 2, Features and benefits of Radiofrequency facials.

Lecture 3, Science of Radiofrequency (pathophysiological effects of RF on the skin).

Lecture 4, Integration with other professional skin care treatments. 

Lecture 5, Aftercare and treatment planning.

Lecture 6, Importance of hydration and electrolyte balance in health and healthy skin.

Lecture 7, Managing clients expectations using counselling skills. Quick discussion of body dysmorphia and when to refer to a mental health professional.

Lecture 8, Practical check list of routine.

Lecture 9, Practical routine demonstration.

At the end of this course once you have completed it you will be able to download a Udemy certificate of completion. You should also be fully prepared to undertake any professional theory or practical exams.

This course can be taken in conjunction with our other courses here on Udemy, especially the Cavitation, Faradic and RF Slimming Treatments course here on Udemy.

Full help, advice and support is available here from Dr. Nicky if you should need it.   

What you will learn

  • The consultation and assessment process.
  • Skin tightening using radiofrequecny. (features and benefits).
  • Radiofrequecny science.
  • Aftercare, contra-actions and trouble shooting.
  • Integration of radiofrequency with other facial and skin care treatments.
  • Treatment planning. Discussion on managing clients expectations, body dysmorphia and when to refer to a mental health professional.
  • importance of hydration and electrolyte balance in skin and health.


  • Ideally the student should already be working in the beauty industry and have a back ground in the basics of facials and skin care.
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bestcourses score: 5.8/10

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