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Secrets to sun protection in skincare and cosmetic products

A good sun protection should keep your skin safe. Learn how does it work, how to apply it properly & prevent skin aging

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Created by Sonia Antkowiak, offered on Udemy

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If you are interested in skincare and beauty products, and would like to learn more about them based on facts & scientifically proven data then this course is for you. You can expect a comprehensive guide of sun protection in cosmetics through easy-to-understand explanations covering everything from UV radiation, SPF, UV filters, testing, makeup & sunscreen use, and much more.

A good sun protection should keep your skin safe! Learn how does it work, how to apply it properly and prevent skin aging & damage!

I am a Chemist and I work as a Cosmetic Safety Assessor which means that I verify if cosmetic products entering into the EU market are safe for consumers. Before I started learning about cosmetic chemistry, toxicology and cosmetic law I did not know in what to believe in terms of all the negative information that was spread in the media about personal care products. Today I know that most of it is based on myths, over-interpretations and misunderstandings. So I want to debunk those myths, dispel doubts, and show you how does the cosmetic science actually work.

This course provides answers to the following questions:

  1. What is ultraviolet radiation and how does it affect our skin?

  2. What are UV filters and how do they work?

  3. What is the difference between chemical & physical filters, and organic & inorganic filters?

  4. Are physical UV filters better because they are natural?

  5. Are chemical UV filters endocrine (hormonal) disruptors?

  6. Are UV filters in nanomaterial form safe for use?

  7. What does SPF mean and how does SPF testing for cosmetics look like?

  8. Will a high SPF product protect me from both UVA and UVB?

  9. Can I calculate how much longer can I stay on the sun depending on the SPF used?

  10. How does sunscreen protection look in reality?

  11. Is there actually any difference between SPF 15, SPF 30 and SPF 50?

  12. Does layering sunscreens increase the SPF protection? SPF 10 + SPF 15 = SPF 25?

  13. Which one should I apply first: skincare, makeup or sunscreen?

  14. Can I mix sunscreen with make-up?

  15. Does my day cream/make-up with SPF provide enough protection?

  16. Which UV filters should I choose? Which UV filters to avoid with sensitive skin?

  17. Should I apply products differently depending on the UV filters used?

Take this course today, and begin your journey with beauty science!

What you will learn

  • Tips on how to apply sunscreen with makeup according to science
  • What is the reality of UV protection in cosmetic products and if it's really effective
  • The most common myths and misconceptions related to sun protection in skincare products
  • The science behind UV filters, sunscreens, UV radiation, and SPF in skincare and personal care products


  • No extra requirements
  • No science background required
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