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How Makeup And Beauty Businesses Stand Out from the Crowd

How to Use Major Media For Free to Stand Out from the Crowd And Get More Clients

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Created by Lana King, offered on Udemy

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Being a makeup and beauty business owner can be immensely rewarding when you see the looks on your clients faces as your skills help them to feel beautiful.

The downsides are that competition can be incredibly tough.

This means that even if you’re an exceptional specialist, you’ll still have to really put yourself out there and win jobs.

There will always be someone cheaper than you and some clients will value low prices over quality experience, so you must grapple with how you want to market yourself.

It can be very stressful considering how to market yourself and how to get clients.

Every makeup and beauty business owner wants to make sure that they stand out!

And after being featured in many media publications, I can tell you this…

If you want to be In:

  • International coverage

  • Features in magazines

  • Online publications

There’s no big secret behind it.

Truth is, the media NEEDS content. It needs stories and ideas from experts like you and me.

You maybe thinking: "well, I'm not an expert."

And I'm here to tell you:" if you run business - you are an expert."

And if you put your expertise into a book, media will want to hear from you.

Leveraging the media is how I built my business from scratch, and I still haven’t found a better way to:

  • Find Opportunities to collaborate with brands

  • Get More clients reaching out to you for private work

  • An increase in sales, if you’re selling a product alongside your service

  • And a plethora of other opportunities

In this course I’m going to show you:

➡️How To Unpack Your Book and Get amazing exposure for your business

➡️How to leverage that to get Media Exposure

➡️How To Leverage Your Own Tribe( If you don't have a tribe yet, I'll show how to get one)

Ready to get your message featured in some of the biggest media outlets in the world?

I'll show you each step in this course.

What you will learn

  • How To Unpack Your Book and Get amazing exposure for your business
  • How to leverage that to get Media Exposure
  • How To Leverage Your Own Tribe
  • Your Marketing Master Plan


  • Be open-minded and willing to apply knowledge in your own business
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