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はじめての手作りデザイン石けん(Cold process法)Design soap of the beginner

初心者のためのコールドプロセス法の手作りデザイン石けんの作り方です。The lecture of making handmade design soap with the cold process method for beginner.

4.7 / 5.0
284 students 44 minutes

Created by 悦子 Etsuko Watanabe, offered on Udemy

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When you first make soap of the cold process method by yourself, you'll become anxious about handling of lye.To make handmade soap easily in a short time at your own home, I will explain the method of making the soap intelligibly, including the handling of lye. It is a recommended course for those who make a design soap for the first time.

<手作り石けんをはじめる前に Before starting handmade soap.>

1.はじめに Introduction
2.材料をそろえましょう Let's arrange the materials
3.道具をそろえましょう Let's arrange the tools
4.モールドの作り方 The way of making the mold

<石けんを作りましょう Let's make the soap>

5.石けんを作りましょう Let's make the soap
6.石けんをカットしましょう Let's cut the soap
7.ここがポイント!「どこまで混ぜる?トレースの見極め」 The point! How to judge the trace
8.これから学んでいくデザイン石けんのご紹介 Coming design soap courses

<ボーナスレッスン Bonus  lesson>

9.カレンデュラのデザイン石けん Design soap of Calendula
10.暑い地域で作りやすいデザイン石けんのレシピ Recipe for design soaps that are easy to make in hot areas

What you will learn

  • 手作りデザイン石けんが簡単、安全、楽しく自宅で作れるようになります。You will be able to make homemade design soap easily, safely and happily at your own home.


  • 苛性ソーダを使うので安全な環境作りをお願いしています。(小さいお子さまがそばに近寄らない、ペットを遠ざけるなど。) Since you use lye, I am requesting to make safe environment. Small children do not come near, Keep pets away.
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