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Painting watercolors, 3 gardens, how to paint watercolours.

Learn how to paint these 3 watercolor gardens from the start.Following easy lessons, in a wet in wet style, with a pro.

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534 students6 hours 39 minutes

Created by David Walker, offered on Udemy

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I have just totally re shot this whole course!

Using my brand new camera, microphone and laptop, so the quality is now 200% better. This is part of my commitment to improving all my courses over time, keeping them fresh and up to date.

We still have the three full tutorials...

"A quintessential country garden".

From Bodnant gardens near me in North Wales.

"Bodnant Laburnum arch".

Also from Bodnant gardens, such a stunning sight.

"Remembrance poppy field".

Inspired by a beach near Pensarn and remembrance Sunday.

We use just 7 colors and 3 brushes.

Check out the free tools required video in the review section.

The lessons are in real time and live!

I painted these demos live on facebook so you see each and every part of the process.

You have this course for life so you can do it as often as you like.

You can ask questions in the q a section if you get stuck.

Come and have a look and I will see you in the first lesson, cheers David.

I have kept the old lessons archived at the end of the course so you are also able to check these out, the content is still relevant even though the production quality is not the best.

What you will learn

  • In the first of 3 watercolors we learn how to paint a wet in wet Country garden from start to finish.
  • In the second of 3 watercolors we learn how to paint wet in wet a stunning Laburnam archway in North Wales.
  • In the third of 3 watercolors we learn how to paint wet in wet poppies in a really freestyle way.
  • How to mix bold watercolors on your page.
  • The absolute beginner to watercolor painting will first of all learn what equipment to buy and where from.
  • After doing this course you will have a good understanding of the few brushes and paints that we use.
  • The easy to follow step by step method means you will finish with 3 beautiful watercolor paintings


  • A desire to paint your own watercolor flowers in a free and easy style.
  • No experience needed,I start right at the beginning of the painting and you follow me step by step.
  • You need a 30 mm Hake brush,there is a free half hour video on how to use the Hake in the free review section.
  • You need just 5 colors for this course,see the tools required video in the free review section.
  • There is a link to my blog post explaining in detail which watercolors,which watercolor paper,which watercolor brushes along with current prices from the supplier that I use.
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  • Language: English
  • 6 hours 39 minutes
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