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Oil Painting For All Skill Levels

4.74 / 5.0
17755 students4 hours 9 minutes

Created by Joseph Patric Daniels, offered on Udemy

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“How to Paint: From Beginner to Master” Is designed to teach anyone from beginner to moderate, all of the fundamentals of oil painting you’ll ever need, in one, easy to manage course. Watch me demonstrate every lesson, step by step as I go into incredible detail of every aspect of creating a painting from start to finish! From explaining exactly how to mix every color down to the percentage of paint- to what direction to apply brushstrokes while painting a subject. You’ll get a first hand-close up view that you could never get in a classroom! Just a friendly reminder, you will need access to a printer for this course.

What you will learn

  • A process and structure to creating a painting from start to finish, that’s easy for anyone to manage!
  • You’ll know the best supplies mediums and cleaners to buy and how to use them.
  • How to mix a 10 value greyscale, shading and how to make a gradient in every value with paint.
  • An easy system to drawing anything you want!
  • How painting in layers works starting with an underpainting, and you’ll learn how to bring an oil painting to completion. (Including varnishing)
  • You’ll learn how to use a new kind of color chart that will make mixing any color imaginable easy, using the least amount of tubes of paint possible, to make sure you never get muddy colors again!
  • You’ll Learn the difference between chroma, color and values and how to control them.
  • The best way to light and photograph, portrait (or any other subject) for a painting.
  • I’ll teach you the perfect combination of colors to getting a beautiful, glowing flesh tone.
  • By the end of the class you’ll paint a portrait in full color.


  • A basic understanding of drawing and painting would be helpful but not necessary.
  • A specific list of the supplies required is available in the “Supply List” video
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  • Price: $109.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 4 hours 9 minutes

bestcourses score: 8.9/10

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