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Sewing Leather Handbag: Ultimate making leather bag course

A Complete Course about Making Leather Bags, Zipped Pocket, Button Pocket and Handle Straps from Scratch, sewing handbag

4.6 / 5.0
1310 students1 hours 56 minutes

Created by Mariya Karim, offered on Udemy

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In the turbulent and industrial life of today, we can clearly feel the absence of art. Art expresses the soul and spirit, and brings life back to us and makes life in this industrial world easier for us. One of these fine arts is the art of leather work. As we associate art with natural, not artificial leather, it gives us more motivation.
With this art you can create and use exquisite works of art like wallet, shoulder bag, purse, bracelet, shoes and all kinds of accessories with your handy crafts. You can also gift them to your loved ones and surprise them.

As you know, buying natural leather accessories such as handbags and shoes is especially expensive. But you can learn the art at your own expense with the art of crafting your own handmade items and design them to your style and enjoy.
You can also make progress and sell your products at a good price. Alternatively, you can make money by educating others.

This art needs creativity. You can make beautiful designs with your creative art and implement them to leather. In this case, create new and new bags and shoes. You can also draw the pattern and pattern if you like the quality and produce the color you need and you're favorite color.

In this course we tried to start with the simple and basic language of the art and learn the advanced and professional steps. Training is well-segmented, as we first introduce the quality we are going to look at when sewing training together and show its internal components.
Then we teach all the sewing needs in this bag individually. Then we introduce all the tools for leather. Next we apply the pattern to the cardboard according to our needs and preferences, then apply it to the leather and teach the other steps sequentially.
This art is not difficult at all in appearance. Rather, if you are interested in this course you can easily learn everything about the art and continue to do so more than ever before.

Watching this course will teach you almost all the tips on leather work. As a result, you can easily draw a pattern and start sewing it with this tutorial. . So with this course you will not only get acquainted with making this bag but you will also be able to sew and implement any bag model

What you will learn

  • introducing the different kinds of leather
  • introducing the tools of leather work and how to use them
  • different kinds of stitches on leather
  • everything about making a shoulder bag with zipper pocket and button pocket inside and outside the bag
  • how to stitch straps of the bag without using sewing machine
  • everything about how to make a wallet .not just this one but u can stitch every kind and pattern u like easily.


  • you don't need any basic information about leather work. you’ll learn everything you need in this course
  • the most important thing is to be interested in leather work
  • you need basic and simple tools for leather work that we’ll introduce them to you and you can easily prepare them
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  • Price: $59.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 1 hours 56 minutes
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bestcourses score: 7.0/10

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