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Coloured Pencil Landscapes for Beginners | Just 6 Pencils!

Learn how to use Coloured Pencils to get AMAZING results. Your coloured pencil journey starts with this beginners class!

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1450 students1 hours 58 minutes

Created by Colin Bradley School of Art, offered on Udemy

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With this course you'll learn to paint an AMAZING landscape using just 6 Coloured Pencils and some blending solvent.

What are Coloured Pencils?

We've likely all heard of and used coloured pencils, but have you seen them used in way to create beautiful paintings such as these? With this course you will learn the fundamentals behind using coloured pencils in a unique way to create amazing works of art.

When you have finished this course not only will you walk away with a beautiful picture but you will also be able to apply what you have learnt to draw your own work.


The Coloured Pencils I use are from the 12 Set of Luminance coloured pencils by Caran d'Ache (yes you really only need this small set!) I only use 6 from the set so you can buy them individually if you want. We have another coloured pencil landscape class on udemy that uses this set too so it's a good investment if you enjoy our beginners coloured pencil classes.

You can use another make however you might not get exactly the same results. The colours used in this picture are:

  • 001 white

  • 030 orange

  • 162 Phthalocyanine blue

  • 470 spring green

  • 220 grass green

  • 009 black

The paper I use is light grey PastelMat Paper. It has a sandpaper like texture and if you don't have this you can use another similar textured paper like UART 800 Grade Paper.

Blending Solvent

They key to the amazing results you see in these pictures is a blending solvent. The one I use is Zest It and it's a great product for coloured pencil drawing.


I use a selection of Round Brushes to apply the solvent such as Sizes 1, 2, 4 and 6.

The Basics

In the first lectures you will learn the main principles behind using coloured pencils. You can watch these at your leisure and there's no copying required, we just want to run you the materials and techniques.

Outline Drawing

With this class you will have the outline drawing and my finished picture to work from.

You can trace the outline through to your drawing surface or you can choose to draw it free hand.

Step by Step Instructions

I walk you through step by step with Video instruction how to draw each stage. You'll learn techniques behind painting beautiful landscapes and create pictures you can be proud of.

If you love art then this course is for you. With just a small amount of coloured pencils you will see the AMAZING effects you can get.

Let your coloured pencil journey start here!

What you will learn

  • How to draw a landscape using Coloured Pencils
  • How to layer coloured pencils successfully
  • How to use a blending solvent to achieve outstanding results
  • Techniques they can use for their own coloured pencil pictures


  • 6 coloured pencils (Colin uses Caran d'Ache Luminance) - 001 white, 030 orange, 162 Phthalocyanine blue, 470 spring green, 220 grass green, 009 black
  • Blending Solvent
  • Fine paint brush
  • Kitchen roll
  • Pastelmat Pastel Paper (or similar e.g. UART)
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  • 1 hours 58 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.9/10

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