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Art Journaling - A Playful Introduction

Use a four step approach to create three very different Art Journal pages and get inspired to create more!

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231 students2 hours 41 minutes

Created by Karli Stumpf, offered on Udemy

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You love seeing these beautiful page, full of colors and words. You always wanted to start your own Art Journal, but wasn’t sure on how to best approach this. This course is for you: you love playing with colors and forms, you want to start becoming more creative. I want to show you how to overcome the blank page.

Create Your Own Beautiful and Colorful Art Journal Pages

  • This course is about you having fun while creating and trying out new methods.

  • While playing with colors and images, you will slowly be introduced to the world of Art Journaling.

  • The different videos enable you to follow along, at your own pace

  • In the course we will use a four step methods to help you overcome the blank page and our own uncertainties

  • You can create three pages in less than two hours, and get added content to deepen      your knowledge of anything related to Art Journaling

A Four Step Approach to Art Journaling

After having creating your background you have a great base for a focus point: this is what will make your page interesting. Text can then be used to stress what you want to say or to express your sentiments. The finishing touches make your page complete. To be able to create your own page, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or be a great artist: this is what you will learn in this course.

So what’s next?

After giving you some guidance on the materials required, we will start by doing every step three times, but with different approaches. At the end of the four steps you will have created three journal pages in less than 2-3 hours! You can of course, create each page individually, by simply repeating the four creative steps!

I hope, this course will inspire you to create new pages and will give you the confidence to approach a new art piece in your journal with self-confidence.

What you will learn

  • Create your own Art Journaling pages
  • Identify an adequate color scheme for your picture
  • Express an idea or a feeling through your art
  • Set a focus on your page
  • Finalize your picture with doodling and other finishing touches


  • Working place protected by newspapers or a craft mat
  • Paper or a journal (at least 110 lb or 190g) - Mixed media, watercolor paper will do
  • Colors (acrylics or gouache) as well as brushes
  • Pens and pencils
  • Newspapers or magazine
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  • 2 hours 41 minutes
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