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Beautiful Beaded Bracelets - Jewelry Making for Beginners

Handcraft intricate beaded bracelets using a rare skill of jewelry making, ideal for beginners (no needle, no wire)

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71 students2 hours 25 minutes

Created by Vesna Vurušić Pećanić, offered on Udemy

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Attention all beginners in jewelry making: charming artisan gems, otherwise known as Beautiful Beaded Bracelets are now live here on Udemy!

This is your chance to handcraft your very own unique glass-beads jewelry, unlike any other. See, the jewelry making technique you'll be practicing and applying here is a rare one, as in used only in some parts of continental Croatia, and yet undiscovered by the world.

It dates back more than a century ago, but because it was traditionally taught directly from one generation to another, there are no historical records of the crafting process.
Believe it or not, you've just stumbled on the only place on planet internet where you can learn this unique jewelry making skill.

By the way, don't leave without watching the course introduction video. You'll find out more about the incredible woman, one of the last original creators of this traditional skill, I had the privilege to learn from.

Even though this is an online course, I promise you, it won't feel like it.
I will lead you through the process step by step, thread by thread, glass bead by glass bead. You will watch a live demonstration of the handcrafting process zoomed in and up-close, and it will be as if we are sitting at the same table, crafting our bracelets together.

If you ever have any additional questions along the way, I'll answer them as soon as possible. I check for students questions and messages daily, and know my engaged students by name.
And in case you ever get stuck, or somehow the bracelet you're working on doesn't quite look like it is supposed to, don't worry, you won't have to figure it out on your own, that's why I'm here.

This doesn't mean you should expect crafting beautiful beaded bracelets form this course will be difficult! It's exactly the opposite: crafting process is simple to learn and the bracelets are easy to make.

For example, the only real tool you need to craft these beaded bracelets are pliers. And you'll only use them once to start crafting your bracelet, and once to finish.

Also, no beading needles are required to craft beaded bracelets in this course.
Those thin gremlins are sharper than a new-grown shark's tooth! Whoever said stepping on a lego is the worst pain imaginable, never felt the horror of sticking themselves under a nail with a needle point doing beads stitches. OUCH! It seriously hurts just writing this. Ugh...

Another thing you don't need for this jewelry project is wire. Seriously now, you're here to make jewelry, not to hurt yourself. You don't want to end up with sore, swollen fingers and painful, cramped hands.
The point is for you to wear beautiful jewelry on your wrist, not to go through daily paraffin wax hand spa so that you can recover from your new crafty hobby.

Ok, so then, what will you be using to make these beaded bracelets? You' ll use: your hands :)
Because, all you'll be doing here is stringing glass beads on threads and then interweaving them. Super simple!

It actually resembles lace-making. Except that you're working with nylon threads, not the silk, sawing ones, that tangle easily. Nylon thread doesn't stretch or tangle, but is flexible and strong, so it makes stringing beads a breeze, even if you are a first-time jewelry crafter.

In fact, here's a complete list of all the jewelry supplies you need to craft these beautiful beaded bracelets:

  • Cotton pillowcase, or a cotton sheet

  • Safety pin

  • Spring Ring Clasp + Double Jumpring + 2 Calottes

  • Nylon thread (FireLine 0.009" diameter)

  • 2 stoppers

  • Scissors

  • Round nose pliers

  • TOHO round seed beads (size 11/0)

  • Glass faux pearls (size 4 mm)

  • Tealight candle / lighter

You'll find a downloadable PDF with detailed explanations of each item from the list as part of the first video lesson of every bracelet-making section. You'll know exactly how long the threads need to be, how many beads you need and all that good stuff.

OK, now you know what this course is all about.
Let's make some beautiful beaded bracelets!

What you will learn

  • How to handcraft 3 gorgeous & elegant beaded bracelets using a jewelry making technique SIMPLE enough for an 8 year-old to learn, yet UNIQUE enough to be part of Croatian traditional artisan jewelry handcrafting process, officially declared as INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE of Croatia!


  • For this beginner-level course, you don't need any previous knowledge or experience in jewelry making - I will teach you everything you need to know!
  • Since these bracelets are made out of tiny glass beads, you should have good enough eyesight to work with them. Basically, if you can count sesame seeds on top of a hamburger bun - you can make these bracelets.
  • You can watch the course lectures all day every day, but unless you GET THE SUPLIES LISTED IN COURSE DESCRIPTION and use them as you watch this course, your beautiful beaded bracelet will forever stay a figment of imagination. Instead of a made-by-you glamourous jewelry. Even by your mother-in-law's standards ;)
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