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Sketch and Travel: Ultimate Guide to Watercolor Sketching

Learn watercolor sketching techniques while painting 6 projects about Thailand and learning its culture

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2380 students2 hours 6 minutes

Created by Yana Shvets, offered on Udemy

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Do you love travelling? Would you like to learn sketching? Won't that be amazing to bring home sketches of places you've visited and things you've tried during your trips as a memory?

If you recognize yourself, this course is PERFECT for YOU!

I used to live in Thailand for more than 3 years and have unique authentic experience which I share in this course while teaching ways and techniques of sketching in watercolor on a go.

In this course you will not only learn different ways to sketch in watercolor but also loads of exciting information about the country I used to live in - Thailand!


  • Introduction class on how to choose art supplies for travelling and sketching on a road AND how to pack your bag in most optimal way

  • Course represents a set of 6 independent lessons which explore a particular technique you can sketch with watercolor. Each lesson is devoted to Thai cultural specialty (such as orchids as typical flowers, elephant as a symbol of Thailand, traditional long-tail boat, famous tom yum soup and more).

  • Each lesson has a trace (outline) of a drawing we are doing. You can download it, trace it on your watercolor paper and start painting right away. All files are downloadable and available in "Class Project" section for you.

  • Each lesson is PACKED with interesting information about the subject we are sketching. You will learn a lot about Thai culture, iconic places to visit and food to try.

What you will learn

  • Watercolor sketching techniques (also complimentary colors contrast and realistic style)
  • How to sketch fast: focus on important moments/details & simplify subjects.
  • Minimalistic art supplies set: how to pack your bag for sketching on a go.
  • Main watercolor techniques: wet on wet, wet on dry, glazing.
  • How to expand your watercoloring: using pencils, ink pen and more.
  • Color-mixing rules for beginners: take a look at a color wheel and learn to create harmonious color-combinations.
  • Interesting information about the country of smiles, Thailand, and unique insider facts and insights based on a real-life experience.


  • Watercolor paper
  • 3 brushes for watercolor
  • Watercolor paint
  • Pen and pencil
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  • 2 hours 6 minutes
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