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Wave Apps Bookkeeping Course for Creative Businesses

How to use Wave Apps for Small Business Bookkeeping for Creative Business Owners, Artisans and Artists, and Etsy Sellers

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103 students4 hours 57 minutes

Created by Claire Wryght, offered on Udemy

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**December 2020 Update: Wave Apps are no longer accepting new customers outside North America.**

**March 2021 Functionality: Wave Apps are removing Stripe integration for credit card payments on invoices.**

**October 2020 Functionality: Wave Apps are no longer integrating with PayPal transaction feeds.**

If you're a small business looking for an easy-to-use and free bookkeeping and accounting software then Wave Apps is an excellent option.

Wave's cloud-based bookkeeping software including invoicing, expense processing and integrations with payment processors for credit card payments.

Wave is an excellent option for the creative business owner but learning the intricacies of a new software can be overwhelming. Combine that with the overwhelm of dealing with accounting and bookkeeping terminology and process and getting your bookkeeping organised can seem out of reach.

You could muddle your way through Wave, wondering if you are doing the right things, if you are wasting time on inefficient processes and not adjust Wave to suit your business. Or you could take this comprehensive Wave Apps course and learning everything from setting up the right Chart of Accounts through avoiding duplicate transactions and how to deal effectively with transfers and still get your accounts to reconcile.

This course is intended for Australian sole traders whether you sell on Etsy or sell a service. It's been designed to cover the needs of creatives, artisans, artists and Etsy sellers as well as consultants, contractors and service business owners. If you're overwhelmed by your bookkeeping system then this course will help you to organise, streamline and automate using Wave. And best of all Wave Apps is free.

It is fully up-to-date with all of Wave's changes to the interface from October 2020.

What you will learn

  • How to use Wave Apps for bookkeeping in a small business
  • Bookkeeping for creative business owners, artists, artisans and Etsy sellers
  • How to use Wave Apps' features including invoicing, bills, receipts and integrations
  • How to streamline Wave using PayPal, Etsy and bank uploads and dealing with duplicate transactions
  • Using Wave's inbuilt Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to save time processing expenses
  • Everything Wave Apps from getting started and signed up, customising Wave Apps to your requirements and general bookkeeping processes in Wave


  • Basic bookkeeping understanding will be helpful but not mandatory
  • Want to learn more about whether Wave Apps Bookkeeping is a good fit for your small business
  • Register with Wave Apps to be able to follow the step-by-step instructions (Wave Apps is free)
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  • 4 hours 57 minutes
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