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3D Character Creature Model creation for a Game

Lecture series on making a Hydra for a video game.

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Created by Paul Rivot, offered on Udemy

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This is a lecture series on making a Hydra that can go into a video game. I go over my thoughts on every step of the process from zspheres to making materials. You'll also gain access to a community that will allow you to ask questions, share your work and ultimately become better. Each lesson will be sped up footage of me working on the hydra while giving my thoughts on the process and some tips. The reason for doing the series in this format vs step by step, is a lot overall thought process can be lost when doing step by step, this series will focus more on thought process and overall concepts. This series could be beneficial to anyone from beginners who have done the basic tutorials but need help figuring out how to get something done, to intermediate users who might struggle at some points. If you have done step by step tutorials and want to branch out into making your own stuff, I believe this video will help get you there. By the end of this lecture series you should have the confidence that you can accomplish your 3D creature or character goals knowing that if you run into any issues you can always ask the community or have the confidence to look it up and figure it out yourself.

What you will learn

  • Understand the overall process of creating a Hydra for a Game Engine.
  • Learn how to take advantage of tools like Zspheres.
  • Gain insight into the thought process of a 3D artist who has made assets for games.
  • Understanding how to approach situations when you get stuck.


  • Basic knowledge of Zbrush.
  • Basic understanding of 3D pipeline.
  • Zbrush, Cinema 4d, Substance Painter recommended
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  • 1 hours
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bestcourses score: 5.1/10

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