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Skillshare alternatives (7 platforms to consider)

Find the best alternatives to the Skillshare online learning platform!

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Last updated on September 15th 2022

In the last years, Skillshare has become one of the most popular online learning platforms. With more than 35,000 classes and millions of learners, there are a lot of things that Skillshare does right. They have a broad selection of courses on all kinds of creative and business topics, an intuitive interface and a fair pricing model.

But still, there are reasons to look for Skillshare alternatives. Some might just prefer buying individual courses, while others might be looking for more courses on professional topics, like software development. Again, others might be looking for a broader variety of courses in languages other than English.

That's why we've compiled a list of what we believe to be the best Skillshare alternatives. Let's dive in right away!


CreativeLive homepage

Just like Skillshare, CreativeLive is a platform that focuses on teaching creative skills from photography to art & crafts. With a library of 2,000+ courses and a subscription model similar to that of Skillshare, the platform is a good alternative, even though it's much smaller and has fewer classes available.

CreativeLive review thumbnail

CreativeLive review


Domestika homepage

Another massively successful online learning platform with a creative focus is Domestika. The platform originates from Spain and has grown to more than 10 million monthly visitors and has lots of high-quality courses on all kinds of creative topics. The difference to Skillshare is that they produce all their courses in-house, which means the course quality is more consistent than it is on Skillshare. Their courses tend to be in Spanish, but they have subtitles in multiple other languages, and they're actively working on producing more content in other languages.

Domestika review thumbnail

Domestika review


Udemy homepage

Udemy is perhaps the most well-known online learning platform. With its massive library of 200,000+ courses on every topic you can think of, you're almost guaranteed to find a course that interests you on Udemy. Currently, their platform works as a marketplace, where you purchase individual courses, so if you prefer this model over a subscription, Udemy might be worth taking a look at. They also have a bigger course catalog in languages other than English, which is something lots of people enjoy as well.

Udemy review thumbnail

Udemy review

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning homepage

LinkedIn Learning is LinkedIn's online learning division. It's a popular choice for professional development courses and just like Skillshare it has a subscription model. It gives you access to more than 14,000 online courses on all kinds of professional topics. So if you're looking for a platform to take work-related courses, LinkedIn Learning might be a better fit than Skillshare.

LinkedIn Learning review thumbnail

LinkedIn Learning review


Masterclass homepage

Masterclass is a pretty unique online learning platform that produces high-quality online course with some of the world's most popular stars, politicians, chefs, etc. If you want to learn from some of the world's most successful people in their respective fields, Masterclass is a great choice. They have fewer courses when compared to Skillshare, but the quality is much higher on average.

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Masterclass review


Brilliant homepage

If you're into math & science, and you want an easy way to learn new concepts through fun challenges and quizzes, then Brilliant could be just what you're looking for. They have dozens of courses that you can take in bite-sized chunks to learn something new while having fun.

Brilliant review thumbnail

Brilliant review


YesChef homepage

YesChef is a niche online learning website that focuses on high-quality online cooking courses that are developed with top chefs from around the world. The platform is rather new and currently has a couple of classes live, that you can access you a subscription model. If you want to watch cooking content exclusively, this might be a platform to consider.


Overall, there are some pretty decent Skillshare alternatives available. Here's an overview of them all again:

  • CreativeLive - most similar to Skillshare

  • Domestika - high-quality creative courses, mostly in Spanish

  • Udemy - broadest course selection & courses in multiple languages

  • LinkedIn Learning - 14,000+ professional development courses as a subscription

  • Masterclass - high-quality courses with the world's most successful people

  • Brilliant - bite-sized courses on math & science

  • YesChef - exclusively cooking content

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