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Masterclass alternatives (5 platforms to consider)

Find the best alternatives to the Masterclass online learning platform!

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Last updated on September 26th 2022

As one of the newer online learning platforms, Masterclass has followed a rather unconventional model with its online platform. They produce online courses in movie quality together with some of the world's most well-known personalities like Bill Clinton, Gordon Ramsay, Stephen Curry or Melinda Gates.

This innovative approach has led to them becoming one of the most well-known online learning platforms worldwide.

But there are reasons why you might be looking for Masterclass alternatives. Maybe you'd like to learn skills that Masterclass doesn't have any courses on, our you want to learn skills more in-depth and feel like Masterclass courses just scratch the surface.

That's why we've put together a list of the best alternatives to Masterclass in our opinion, together with reasons you might want to choose them.

Let's dive right in!


Skillshare homepageWith more than 35,000 available classes, Skillshare is a popular online learning platform with a focus on creative classes. Similar to Masterclass, you get access to courses by buying a monthly/yearly subscription. Overall, Skillshare has a bigger library of courses, but the course quality can vary more heavily since the instructor requirements are lower.

Skillshare review thumbnail

Skillshare review


Udemy homepageUdemy. is another popular online learning platform with a huge library of more than 200,000 courses on every topic you can think of. Because of its size, Udemy gives you a lot more choice when it comes to choosing courses, when it comes to both topics and languages. Unlike on Masterclass, you buy individual courses on their marketplace instead of paying a subscription fee. Overall, you can't really go wrong with Udemy, but if you're looking for a more specialized platform, you might want to look somewhere else.

Udemy review thumbnail

Udemy review


Brilliant homepageWith more than 10 million learners, Brilliant is a popular online learning app that teaches you math & science through bite-sized courses. Just like Masterclass, you purchase a subscription to get access to their full library of courses, quizzes & challenges. If you want an online learning platform to learn something new everyday, Brilliant can be an awesome choice!

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Brilliant review


BrightTrip homepageBrightTrip is a newly established online learning platform run by popular YouTube creators. They have found their niche in producing high-quality courses on topics like travel, history and other topics that "Feed your Curiosity". In contrast to many other platforms, they don't produce work-related courses, but try to inspired individuals to discover the world instead.

BrighTrip review thumbnail

BrightTrip review


YesChef homepageYesChef is another fascinating online learning platform in the food niche. Similar to Masterclass, they produce cooking classes with world-renowned chefs, but for YesChef, this is their main focus. If you want to watch primarily cooking content, YesChef might be worth it.


  • Skillshare - the subscription for creative classes

  • Udemy - 200,000+ courses on any topic you can think of

  • Brilliant - bite-sized courses about math and science for lifelong learners

  • BrightTrip - beautiful courses about travel, culture & history

  • YesChef - cooking classes with world-renowned chefs.

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