egghead review thumbnail review [2022] - Is is the right platform for you?

Find out if is the right online learning platform for you with this in-depth review.

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Last updated on September 26th 2022

Web development is a popular part of computer science, and there are thousands of resources that help you learn it, but only a few of them focus on web development exclusively.

Meet egghead, the learning platform that helps busy web developers learn new skills. Let's find out all about it in this in-depth egghead review!

What is egghead?

egghead is an online learning platform focused on teaching busy web developers. Their library of 250+ bite-sized courses is targeted at junior to mid-level web developers that want to improve their web development skills or learn new tools. It was founded by Joel Hooks and John Lindquist in 2013 and gets more than 500,000 monthly visitors.

Their main offering is their before-mentioned course library. They have dozens of courses on all kinds of web technologies, from JavaScript frameworks to AWS fundamentals.

The courses are available inside their intuitive browser interface, but you can also download courses for offline use as part of their pro plan.

Pro & Cons

  • 250+ courses and 5,500+ bite-sized video lessons
  • Great for aspiring web developers
  • Offline download
  • Limited variety of topics (heavy focus on web development)
  • Who is egghead for?

    egghead specializes in courses for web developers, so it's best suited for:

    • Aspiring web developers that want to start learning more advanced tools

    • Junior web developers that want to learn new skills & tools

    • Senior web developers that want to brush up certain skills

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    egghead pricing

    If you want to gain access to egghead's premium courses, you can buy an egghead subscription. The pricing is pretty straightforward: You can choose between yearly, quarterly and monthly billing. The monthly billing is the most expensive, but also the most flexible option.

    The subscription costs $250 USD/year with yearly billing, $280 USD/year with quarterly billing ($70 USD per quarter), or $300 USD with monthly billing ($25 USD per month).

    In total, you get 250+ courses and 5,500+ video lessons with your subscription, as well as code snippets, practice projects and offline download capabilities.

    egghead refund policy

    egghead has a pretty generous refund policy. For all purchases, you can get a full refund for up to 30 days after your purchase. You can read more about this in their FAQ

    egghead for businesses

    If you want to purchase egghead for your team, you can do so by adding multiple seats when you purchase the egghead subscription. This allows you to manage multiple team members from a single admin account.

    egghead team pricing

    egghead for students

    egghead currently doesn't have a dedicated offer for students.

    Learning & Customer support

    When it comes to support, egghead offers relatively little compared to other platforms. You can reach out to their support through email, but there's no self-service knowledge base. For learning support, there's the option to comment on video lectures in the courses, and you might get a response from the course creator there, but I've seen quite a few unanswered comments even though the total amount of comments is usually pretty manageable.

    It's still decent, but if you're looking for more robust learning support, you might want to take a look at platforms like Udacity


    egghead currently doesn't offer certificates of completion.

    Create an egghead account

    To create an egghead account, enter your email in the form on their homepage and click the "Start learning" button. From here, you can choose your password, and you're good to go!

    Create an egghead account

    The Beginner's Guide to React

    The Beginner's Guide to React - course on eggheadGet started with React, the popular JavaScript framework.

    Check out the course

    Up and Running with Typescript - course on eggheadLearn how to use Typescript to improve the robustness of your frontend code.

    Check out the course

    End to End testing with Cypress - course on eggheadLearn how to test your web apps with Cypress.

    Check out the course

    egghead instructors

    Instructors on egghead are invited, meaning there is no direct application process and instructors are hand-selected by the egghead team. They work with lots of well-known figures in the web development space, which makes the content quality very high.

    An example of this would be Kent C. Dodds, who is the co-founder of a trending JavaScript framework and a notable figure from the JavaScript space. He has created a lot of different courses on egghead.

    egghead instructor Kent C. Dodds

    Frequently asked questions

    Is egghead legit?

    Yes, egghead is legit. It's used by lots of web developers and features well-known figures from the web development space, like Kent C. Dodds.

    Is egghead free?

    No, egghead is not free, but they do offer a lot of free courses.

    Does egghead offer scholarships?

    No, egghead doesn't offer scholarships currently

    Which languages does egghead offer?

    All courses on egghead are in English.

    Are egghead courses accredited & recognized?

    No, egghead courses aren't accredited, and you also don't get a certificate of completion for finishing them.

    Summary: Is egghead worth it?

    Overall, I think that egghead is definitely worth it for aspiring web developers. The sharp focus on content for web developers only, it's an awesome resource with a depth that few other platforms have. You'll love egghead for their:

    • 250+ courses

    • Intuitive interface

    • In-depth content on everything web development

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