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Domestika review [2022] - Is is the right platform for you?

Find out if Domestika is the right online learning platform for you with this in-depth review.

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Last updated on September 26th 2022

Creative skills can be very hard to learn and there aren't that many good online platforms that help you do it. That's why we'll be taking a look at Domestika, an online learning platform that has been flying under the radar and has become one of the most popular online learning destinations for creative skills in recent years.

Let's get started!

What is Domestika?

Domestika is one of the biggest online learning communities for creative skills. Founded by Julio Cotorruelo in 2010, the platform now gets more than 10 million monthly visitors from all around the world and has thousands of courses on topics like drawing, painting, creating designs & lots of other creative topics.

While they started out with courses in Spanish, they have since expanded to our languages like English, German, French & many more!

Let's check out more of what they have to offer!

Domestika courses

Domestika online courses

Courses are essential to the Domestika platform. They are available on demand, both through the web app and the mobile apps that Domestika offers, so you can always learn at your own pace. Buying a course also gives you access to the learning community for the course, which allows you to ask questions and discuss with other students!

Social platform

Domestika user profiles

In addition to the course communities, Domestika is set up a bit like a social media platform. You can create a profile, post your projects (kinda like Instagram posts), like posts from others and follow your favorite creators for some creative inspiration. That's something that I haven't really seen with any other online learning platform before, and it really makes sense for Domestika, because their students create so many inspiring projects!

Domestika projects

You can use it to get inspiration, or to get feedback on your work from others in your field.

Mobile app

Domestika mobile app

As mentioned before, Domestika also offers a mobile app, which is great for people that want to learn while on the go. It's available for both iOS and Android.

Domestika Jobs

Domestika jobs

To round off their platform, Domestika also has a built-in job board where companies can post their vacancies for jobs in the creative field. That means you could theoretically go from learning a creative skill like graphic design to landing a job in a couple of months, all on Domestika.

Domestika Live

Domestika Live

Lastly, Domestika regularly hosts live events called "Domestika Live". These are completely free and cover a wide variety of creative topics.

Pro & Cons

  • Affordable courses
  • Impressive course quality (editing, video & sound quality, etc.)
  • Supportive & inspiring community
  • Handy mobile app
  • Awesome for Spanish speakers
  • Lack of English courses (most only have English subtitles)
  • Who is Domestika for?

    Domestika is an awesome platform for aspiring creatives that want to learn new skills, showcase their work and get inspired by others. It's also especially great for Spanish-speaking students that want to learn something in their native language, since Domestika was founded in Spain and has focussed predominantly on Spanish content. There's also content available in other languages, but often it's only a Spanish course with English subtitles, instead of a course that was filmed in English.

    So if you want to learn a creative skill and speak Spanish, Domestika is the perfect platform for you!

    Domestika pricing

    Domestika gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to buying courses. There's single courses, course bundles, Domestika Plus & more! Let's go through all the options one-by-one!

    Firstly, there's the option to buy individual courses on Domestika. These courses typically costs between $15 - 75, but they're often discounted to create urgency, which means you would probably want to wait for the courses to get discounted again.

    If you just want to take a single course / learn a single skill, this is a great option for you.

    Domestika course bundles

    Domestika course bundles

    Course bundles give you the option to buy multiple courses at a discounted price. There are two options here: Domestika's pre-made bundles or your own bundles, where you can choose multiple courses from a selection that Domestika gives you. These bundles typically cost between $20 - $40 USD, depending on the bundle and the discount that Domestika applies to most of their offerings. A great choice if you want to take multiple courses anyway!

    Domestika Plus

    Domestika Plus

    Domestika also has a subscription offering called "Domestika Plus". For around $8 - 12 USD/month, you get one credit a month, which you can exchange for any course on Domestika. You also get additional benefits, like:

    • 20% extra savings on courses & bundles

    • Access to open courses

    • Exclusive content

    If you plan on watching a lot of content in the coming months, this might be something to consider

    Domestika refund policy

    Domestika gives you the option to request a refund for your course within the first 14 days of your purchase. You also get the option to change courses, if that's something that's make more sense for you. The exact process depends on the place you bought the course from and the payment method you used for your purchase. You can read more about your options in the Domestika help center.

    Domestika for businesses

    Domestika for business

    Domestika offers a dedicated plan for organizations that want to purchase a lot of courses for their employees. What's special here is that you buy a fixed amount of course logins, that can be redeemed in exchange for access to a course by you or others in your organization. Here are the different options available:

    • 10 logins for €170 (≈ $190 USD)

    • 20 logins €170 (≈ $320 USD)

    • 50 logins €170 (≈ $720 USD)

    If you need more than 50 course logins in total, you can contact Domestika directly in order to get access to personalized service and bulk discounts.

    All the plans give you access to central management dashboards that you can use to assign the purchased logins to your employees.

    Domestika for students

    Domestika doesn't currently have a dedicated students plan. If your budget is tight, you might want to consider competing in Domestika's yearly scholarship competition.

    Learning & Customer support

    Domestika has a self-serve knowledge base for common question about your account, refunds, etc. If you need to contact their support, you can also do it from there directly, using the chat widget.

    For questions about course topics, you have the option to go to the "Community" tab for your course, where you will find the student forum. There, you can ask questions and find helpful posts by others taking the same course.

    This means, you do have community support, but you don't really get any personal 1-on-1 support, like you would get on some other platform, but that's trade-off you have to make. Other platforms like Udacity also charge much more to be able to provide & guarantee personal feedback for everybody.


    Whenever you complete a course on Domestika, you will get a corresponding certificate, which you can use to showcase your skills on platforms like LinkedIn.

    Domestika certificate

    This is not an official certificate, so it's not a formal proof of your skills, but it can still be helpful for getting a job.

    Create a Domestika account

    Creating a Domestika account is easy. Just click on the "Create your free account" button on the Domestika homepage.

    Create a Domestika account

    From there you'll go through their onboarding process, which consists of choosing topics you're interested in, following some creators on their platform and so on.

    Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

    Introduction to Photoshop course on DomestikaJoin 286,000 students and learn about Adobe Photoshop with Carles Marsal, a visual artist from Barcelona, Spain. This course covers topics like retouching, brush art, transformations & much more!

    Check out the course

    Content Creation and Editing for Instagram Stories

    Content Creation and Editing for Instagram Stories course on DomestikaLearn how to create & edit compelling content for your Instagram Stories with Mina Barrio, a product photographer from Spain.

    Check out the course

    Modern Watercolor Techniques

    Modern Watercolor Techniques course on DomestikaLearn modern watercolor techniques with Ana Victoria Calderon, a designer & artist from Mexico!

    Check out the course

    Domestika instructors

    Domestika instructors are professionals in the creative space. In order to teach a course on Domestika, teachers have to submit a proposal to Domestika which will then be reviewed by Domestika. If the proposal is accepted, the instructor will be producing the course together with Domestika, so that they can make sure it's up to their quality standards.

    Overall, this means that you can expect a high level of expertise from all the instructors on the platform.

    Frequently asked questions

    Is Domestika legit?

    Yes, Domestika is definitely legit. More than 10 million monthly visitors use the site to learn new creative skills, and it has a 4.6/5 rating on Trustpilot. Investors have also funded the company with hundreds of millions of dollars to help accelerate them into a global market leader position in the creative education market.

    Is Domestika free?

    No, Domestika isn't free, but they do offer a couple of free courses through their #KeepOnCreating program. Most of the other courses on Domestika will cost you between $15 - $75 USD, with the option to get them cheaper through the Domestika Plus subscription,

    Does Domestika offer scholarships?

    Yes. Once a year, they host a scholarship contest, where you can upload your creative projects. They will then be judged by a jury that selects the 10 best portfolios. If you win, you can get lifetime access to a total of 50 Domestika courses.

    Domestika scholarships

    Which languages does Domestika offer?

    Currently, the following languages are available on Domestika: Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch and French. You will often find courses that were originally recorded in a different language with voice-over from your language of choice, and there are usually subtitles available in all the languages above.

    Are Domestika courses accredited & recognized?

    No, Domestika courses are not accredited and will not be recognized by universities.

    Summary: Is Domestika worth it?

    Overall, I would say that Domestika is definitely worth checking out for everybody that wants to learn new creative skills. You'll love Domestika for their:

    • Affordable prices

    • Studio-quality courses

    • Community-focussed platform

    • Availability of subtitles for courses in other languages

    Currently, the platform is best suited for Spanish speakers, but as they continue to add new courses in other languages, Domestika is getting more and more interesting for others as well.

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