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DataQuest review [2022]: Is it the right online learning platform for you?

Find out if Dataquest is the right online learning platform for you with this in-depth review.

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Last updated on September 26th 2022

Data science has become one of the most sought-after skills in the job market in recent years, and Dataquest is a platform that wants to help you attain those skills.

But is it the right platform for you? And what does Dataquest offer?

Let's find out in this review!

What is Dataquest?

Dataquest is an online learning platform that focuses on teaching data science & data analytics skills through interactive courses and coding projects. The platform was founded by Vik Paruchuri in 2015 and gets around 1 million monthly visitors today.

Let's see what the platform has to offer!

Dataquest courses & learning paths

Dataquest interfaceDataquest's core offerings are their courses and learning paths. These are interactive courses, designed to help you understand all kinds of data science topics, ranging from Python to Excel.

Dataquest practice

Dataquest practiceIn addition to the regular courses, Dataquest also offers lots of practice projects that allow you to test your skills in a more open environment that's more like the real world. There are dozens of problems available, spanning all the different data science topics that are covered on Dataquest.

Career services

As part of their Pro Plan, Dataquest offers career services for students that want to kick-start their data science career. These include help with building your portfolio and assistance on our job-search related topics.

Pro & Cons

  • 70+ courses on various data science topics
  • Intuitive interface
  • Dozens of practical projects
  • Career services included (in the Pro subscription)
  • Limited variety of topics (only suited for data science, data analysis, etc.)
  • No mobile app
  • Who is Dataquest for?

    Dataquest is best for professionals that want to brush up on their data skills, as well as aspiring data scientists. The courses are designed with beginners in mind, but there's also lots to learn for intermediate data scientists or computer science students that want to improve their skills with practical projects.

    Dataquest pricing

    Access to Dataquest's courses, community and career services is sold as a subscription. With the Dataquest pro plans, you have the choice between the monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription. All options come with:

    • Extensive catalog to learn Python, R, and SQL (67 Courses, 12 Skill Paths, 4 Career Paths)

    • Advanced career coaching resources from our industry experts

    • Build a portfolio with our 50+ guided projects

    • Certificates of completion

    • Complete access to 700+ practice problems

    • Premium community support

    Dataquest pricing

    These are the different payment options, and what they cost:

    • Monthly subscription ($49.00 USD/month)

    • Annual subscription ($49.00 USD/month)

    • Lifetime subscription ($1,176.00 USD one-time payment)

    From what we've seen, Dataquest often experiments with different discounts, meaning the actual prices can vary pretty regularly. We recommend you check out their plans page directly to get the latest prices.


    Dataquest generally offers refunds, but they are various criteria you have to meet in order to be eligible. You can read more about refunds in Dataquest's corresponding help center article.

    Dataquest for businesses

    Dataquest's business offering allows companies to train their employees on data topics easily. It comes with the entire catalog of courses, assessments and projects that Dataquest offers, as well as additional features, like:

    • License rotation

    • Progress dashboard, reporting, and API

    • A dedicated account manager

    Dataquest for business

    Dataquest for teams costs $283 USD/license/year, and you can get started with just two licenses.

    Dataquest for students

    Dataquest doesn't currently offer a dedicated plan for students, however they do have an option for universities and other academic institutions called Dataquest for Academia, which comes with free access to courses and other benefits.

    Learning & Customer support

    Dataquest provides various ways to receive support when learning on the platform, but also when you have questions about the platform itself.

    Firstly, they have a self-service knowledge base that assists you when you have questions about general topics, like your account, billing, etc. It's also built into their interactive workspace, which makes it really convenient to use whenever you have any questions.

    Dataquest support center

    You can also ask the Dataquest support team directly, by using the "Message us" option in their help sidebar.

    For questions about the content of courses, Dataquest has a support community where you can ask your questions to get answers from staff members and fellow learners.

    DataQuest community

    Overall, the support is pretty solid and baked into the platform, making it easy to access from anywhere.


    When you complete a course or learning path on Dataquest, you receive a certificate of completion. These certificates are a great way of showcasing your newly acquired skills and look something like this:

    DataQuest certificate

    While the certificates you receive from Dataquest can be really helpful when trying to prove your skills to potential employers, they're not "official" certificates that are accredited, and they will not be recognized by institutions like universities.

    Create a Dataquest account

    To create your Dataquest account, click on the "Start Free" button in the top-right corner of the homepage. From there, you can go through the Dataquest registration process.

    Create a DataQuest account

    Preparing Data with Excel

    Preparing data with Excel - course on Dataquest Learn how to prepare data with Excel by organizing data using worksheets and tables. Learn how to clean data and to organize it to prepare the data for analysis.

    Check out this course

    Data Analyst in R

    Data Analyst in R - Learning path on DataQuestLearn the skills you need to become a data analyst, like R programming, data visualization, SQL and much more with this learning path consisting of 19 courses and 140 hours of learning materials!

    Check out this learning path

    Data Engineer - Learning path

    Data Engineer - learning path on DataQuestLearn how to build data pipelines and work with large datasets with this learning path consisting of 19 courses and 155 hours of learning materials.

    Check out this learning path

    Dataquest instructors

    Dataquest hires its instructors in-house, which means that all courses are designed & created by data professionals. In order to get a job as a Dataquest instructor/curriculum designer, you need to show a proven expertise in this field.

    Frequently asked questions

    Is Dataquest legit?

    Yes, Dataquest is legit. With close to 1 million monthly visitors, it's among the most popular data science focused learning platforms in the world.

    Is Dataquest free?

    While Dataquest has some free courses, the majority of courses offered on Dataquest are part of their premium subscription.

    Does Dataquest offer scholarships?

    Yes, Dataquest has a variety of different scholarships. Since the criteria to be eligible might vary between the different scholarships, it's best to check them out yourself to see which best fits your requirements.

    Which languages does Dataquest offer?

    Currently, all Dataquest content is only available in English, but they do have plans to localize their content in the future.

    Are Dataquest courses accredited & recognized?

    While you do receive certificates of completion for finishing Dataquest courses, these certificates aren't accredited and will not be recognized by universities. They might still help you with your career though, as potential employers sometimes see the value these certificates bring.

    Summary: Is Dataquest worth it?

    Overall, Dataquest is a great platform for learning data skills. If you want to get into data science, you'll love Dataquest for their:

    • Great variety of data science courses

    • Library of practice projects

    • Good support

    • Career services

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