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Codecademy alternatives (7 platforms you might prefer)

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Last updated on September 15th 2022

Learning how to code has been at the top of many people's career development lists for years. A career in software development often comes with high salaries, a flexible work environment and a fulfilling job, so it's no wonder why more and more people have started their journey into this industry.

A great way to build up a technical understanding and to get your hands dirty coding is the online learning platform Codecademy. It's an interactive online learning platform that teaches you how to code through an in-browser learning experience that lets you start coding from day one with absolutely no setup. Since its launch in 2011, more than 45 million people have used the platform to learn how to code.

That's not surprising, because Codecademy makes learning how to code fun and helps beginners with getting hands-on quickly. The platform has 150+ courses lots of different programming languages, as well as career tracks that teach a combined skill set needed to excel in a specific career role.

However, there might still be reasons to look for Codecademy alternatives. Some people might prefer purchasing individual courses over paying a subscription, while others might find the Codecademy course catalog a bit limited.

That's why we've compiled a list of the best Codecademy alternatives and why might want to consider them.


freeCodeCamp homepage

freeCodeCamp is the closest alternative to Codecademy. If you want a similar learning experience, and you're ok with fewer available courses, then you should definitely check it out. freeCodeCamp is a non-profit that creates a completely free curriculum for learning how to code online. They have programs for front-end development, back-end development, algorithms & data structures as well as technical interview prep. Just like Codecademy, they have an in-browser learning experience that lets you start your coding journey super quickly and gives you instant feedback.

freeCodeCamp review thumbnail

freeCodeCamp review


Udemy homepage

A platform that you can't really go wrong with is Udemy. It's been around since 2010 has a massive library of 200,000+ courses on every topic you can think of. The sheer amount of courses is what makes Udemy attractive, but another awesome aspect is that they have courses available in lots of different languages, while most other platforms focus solely on English content. Overall, it's a great platform to default to, but if you're looking for a more specialized online learning provider, you might want to look at some of the other Codecademy alternatives.

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Udemy review


Coursera homepage

Lastly, Coursera is a great choice if you're looking for courses from world-renowned universities. Coursera has a wide variety of courses, ranging from small beginner courses to full online degrees, so you have a lot of choice when it comes to the type of courses you want to take. The awesome part here is that you have the choice to pursue your degree, while you have all the benefits and the flexibility of learning online.

Coursera review thumbnail

Coursera review


DataCamp homepage

If you're looking for data science education primarily, DataCamp might be a great fit for you. The platform focuses exclusively on data science and data analytics education and offers lots of additional services like data science certifications, career support and a job board. Since it's their main focus, they have a much bigger data science course library when compared to Codecademy.

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DataCamp review


Udacity homepage

If you want more personal learning support when you have technical questions, Udacity could be worth taking a look at. They offer about 100 so-called "Nanodegree programs", which are bootcamp-like online programs that focus on preparing you for a specific career through a mixture of video content, real-life projects and technical feedback from instructors. Their programs are more expensive when compared to most other platforms on this list, but they also include technical mentoring, which can be extremely helpful, especially when you're just getting started with coding, and you're overwhelmed with a problem.

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Udacity review


egghead homepage

egghead is a more niche platform that focuses on course for web developers. That means it's best for learners that have at least a little bit of prior experience with web development. Since they focus on web development, you'll also find fewer courses on programming languages and tools that aren't typically associated with web development, like R, C, Swift or Kotlin.

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egghead review


Educative homepage

If you prefer reading through tutorials instead of watching videos, Educative might be exactly what you're looking for. Instead of video courses like they're popular with many other online learning platforms, Educative focuses on text-based courses for software developers (and anyone else that wants to learn about it). This might even be what you're already used to, since Codecademy works mostly text-/editor-based as well.

Educative review thumbnail

Educative review


Overall, there are lots of great alternatives to Codecademy. Here's a quick overview of all the platform we discussed:

  • freeCodeCamp - the free alternative

  • Udemy - broadest course catalog & courses in languages other than English

  • Coursera - broad variety from free beginner-level courses to full degrees

  • DataCamp - focus on data science

  • Udacity - better technical support, but also more expensive

  • egghead - the alternative with a focus on web development

  • Educative - for those that prefer reading to video content

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