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365 Data Science review [2022] - Is is the right platform for you?

Find out if 365 Data Science is the right online learning platform for you with this in-depth review.

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Last updated on September 26th 2022

"Data is the new gold". We've probably all heard that sentence by now. As a matter of fact, data professionals earn some of the highest salaries out of all professions.

But learning the necessary skills to become a data scientist can be quite challenging, and 365 Data Science is one of the platforms trying to solve this problem by making it easier for anyone to start learning relevant data skills.

With this in-depth review, we'll try to help you figure out if it's the right platform for you. Let's get started!

What is 365 Data Science?

365 Data Science is an online learning platform for data skills, founded by Iliya Valchanov and Nedko Krastev in 2017. With more than 250k monthly visitors and dozens of high-quality courses, it's a popular choice for learning data science.

Let's see what the platform has to offer!

Course library

365 Data Science's main offering is their library of courses. The first thing you'll notice when you see them is that their production quality is really high, something not a lot of online learning platforms have. In total, their subscription includes more than 168 hours of video content on all kinds of data science topics.

365 Data Science courses

When you create an account, you can watch courses through their intuitive browser-based interface, where you can track your progress, ask questions, complete tasks & more.

365 Data Science interface

Career paths

365 Data Science career paths help you with learning all the relevant skills to go after a specific career in data, by combining multiple courses into a curated path that takes you from beginner-level to advanced with lots of lessons, projects, etc.

365 Data Science career paths

Practice exams

When you take courses on 365 Data Science, you can take exams in order to receive certificates, which you can then use to apply to jobs in the data space.

365 Data Science exams

Resume builder & job pool

You can also build up your resume in 365 Data Science, through their resume builder, in order to apply to jobs from the 365 Data Science job pool.

365 Data Science resume builder

Pro & Cons

  • High production quality
  • Popular instructors
  • Fair prices
  • Only for Data Science
  • No mobile app
  • Who is 365 Data Science for?

    As the name suggests, 365 Data Science focuses exclusively on data-related skills like data analysis, data extraction, common programming languages for data science like Python & R, as well as other topics that are closely related to data professions.

    If you want to learn these data skills, 365 Data Science might be the right platform for you!


    365 Data Science has various premium plans that you can choose from, when you watch their premium content. You can only access premium courses through the subscription, there's no way to purchase individual courses currently.

    With monthly billing, you get:

    • 168 hours of video

    • 606+ Exercises

    • Downloadables

    • Personalized support

    • Resume builder

    • Career tracks

    • Exams & certificates

    for $36 USD/month.

    If you choose the annual billing, you get everything above, plus:

    • Resume feedback

    • Portfolio advice

    and you only pay $29 USD/month, so it's an overall better deal if you're ready for the commitment.

    365 Data Science pricing

    Free courses

    If you're not quite sure yet, whether 365 Data Science is the right online learning platform for you, you can check out their library of free learning materials to get started and then upgrade to 365 Data Science premium later.

    Refund policy

    365 Data Science offers a 30-day refund policy, which is something that not a lot of online learning platforms do. To read more about the details and whether you're eligible, you can check out their Terms of Service.

    For businesses

    If you want to upskill your employees with data science skills, you can use the 365 Data Science for business plan. It offers:

    • Access to the full course library, exercises, exams, projects, etc.

    • Live trainings

    • Data science certifications for your employees

    • Access to data science talent through the 365 Data Science talent pool

    • Reporting & analytics on learner adoption

    • Personal support

    You can also assign courses to your employees, to accelerate the adoption of critical data skills in your company, and easily reassign licenses between your employees.

    365 Data Science for business

    Plans start at $29.00 USD/month/user for 2 users and go down when you purchase more seats. If you want to buy more than 30 seats, you'll have to contact the 365 Data Science sales team first

    365 Data Science pricing for business

    Student plan

    If you're a student looking for a discounted membership, you can contact 365 Data Science directly, and they might give you a special discount. You can learn more in their help center article on this topic.

    Learning & Customer support

    365 Data Science has a self-service knowledge base that helps you with common questions about your account, billing, etc. For questions about the content of courses, you can ask questions in 365 Data Science's Q&A hub to get help from instructors & fellow data science students.

    365 Data Science Q&A hub

    For any other questions, you can also contact the 365 Data Science team directly through their email address.


    There are 2 types of certificates available on 365 Data Science: course certificates & career track certificates. As the names suggest, you can get certified for an individual course you're taking or for an entire learning path.

    Here's what these certificates might look like:

    365 Data Science certificate

    What sets these certificates apart from the certificates of completion that a lot of other companies provide, is that they're actually certificates of achievement. This means that you'll have to take exams in order to receive them.

    365 Data Science exams

    Once you finish the exam, you'll receive the corresponding certificate from 365 Data Science. After that, you can use it to showcase your skills on platforms like LinkedIn or to find a job through the 365 Data Science job network.

    Fun fact: You can also get a physical copy of your certificate, by requesting it from 365 Data Science.

    Create a 365 Data Science account

    To create your 365 Data Science account, click on the "Sign Up" button in the top right corner of their homepage. From there, you will be asked to enter your details, and you'll have your account shortly :)

    Create a 365 Data Science account

    Python Programmer Bootcamp

    365 Data Science: Python Programmer Bootcamp courseDevelop your programming skills in Python and learn how to solve problems by thinking computationally.

    Check out the course

    Introduction to Data and Data Science

    365 Data Science: Introduction to Data and Data Science courseGet an introduction to working with data, learn which different fields exists, and get a general overview of data science.

    Check out the course

    Introduction to Business Analytics

    365 Data Science: Introduction to Business Analytics courseLearn how to implement a diverse range of analytical techniques in practice to manage a successful analytics project in a large blue-chip corporation.

    Check out the course

    365 Data Science instructors

    The instructors on 365 Data Science are subject-matter experts that are handpicked and vetted, so that only experienced data scientists can teach on the platform. They also feature popular data science & tech YouTubers like Giles McMullen-Klein, Tina Huang and Ken Jee. You can see the full list of available instructors on their instructor page.

    365 Data Science instructors

    Overall, I think it's fair to say that their instructors have proven expertise in their fields and are the people you want to learn from when getting into data science. A good example would be Martin Ganchev, who has worked for the European Commission previously and now teaches more than 800k students about data science.

    365 Data Science instructor Martin Ganchev

    Frequently asked questions

    Is 365 Data Science legit?

    Yes, definitely. With more than 250k monthly visitors, popular data science instructors and high-quality courses, 365 Data Science is one of the most popular online learning platforms for data skills.

    Is 365 Data Science free?

    No, 365 Data Science isn't free, but they do give you the option to create a free account that gives you access to a limited selection of lessons from various courses.

    Does 365 Data Science offer scholarships?

    No, they don't offer direct scholarships, but if you're a student that can't afford the full premium subscription price, you can write their team an email describing your situation, and they might offer you a discount.

    Which languages does 365 Data Science offer?

    Courses on 365 Data Science are currently only available in English.

    Are 365 Data Science courses accredited & recognized?

    While 365 Data Science offers certificates, they're not accredited/recognized by official institutions. However, since their certificates actually require you to pass exams to get them, it's possible that potential employers will see this as a valid qualification for junior data science roles, especially if you're looking for jobs through 365 Data Science's job pool.

    Summary: Is 365 Data Science worth it?

    Yes, in our opinion, it's a great learning platform for data science skills. If you're in the market for data science courses, you'll love 365 Data Science for their:

    • High-quality course production

    • Good selection of data science courses

    • Popular instructors

    • Intuitive user interface

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