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With bestcourses, we want to make it easy & transparent for anyone to find the right online course.

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Making online learning more transparent

In recent year, online learning has become an integral part of education worldwide. Millions of people are using the oppurtunities of the internet to learn new skills, advance their career and enrich their lives.

On the other hand, millions still struggle with online learning, because they're unsure if it's the right choice for them and they're overwhelmed by the amount of choice they have. Afterall, it's very hard to know where to find the right course if you have dozens of platforms and hundreds of thousands of courses to choose from.

We want to help make this easier for learners, by making reliable information broadly available and developing tools like our course search, our platform finder or our blog. With these tools, you can quickly find which course on which platform is right for you!


About Us

Learn a bit more about who we are and why we're building bestcourses.

  • Portrait of Janosch Herrmann

    Janosch Herrmann

    Design & Frontend Development

    Enjoys building beautiful web apps & user interfaces. Studies Computer Science in Berlin. Teaches courses about digital organization & automation on the side.

  • Portrait of Thomas Koscheck

    Thomas Koscheck

    Backend Development

    Thomas is an IT Security Consultant. As a freelancer and self-employed entrepreneur, he also builds various projects as a full-stack developer.

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